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Team LuTN is dedicated to providing the best event entertainment and production services for all events. Our services caters to all looking to take their event to the next level. No matter the event - Weddings, Birthday parties, Corporate Event Party, Night Clubs, Grand Openings, Trade Shows and many more, Light Up The Night has the skills and experience to make sure your event provides the ultimate guest experience.

Our Event Planners understand the importance of having professional vendors, from photography, videography, entertainment, catering, and dj's to event production and designing custom props and builds. Our local radio Dj's will rock your crowd and keep them moving. Our LED Robots will keep the energy lit and live all night long. And our custom props will make sure your guests remember your event for a lifetime.

LuTN is known to provide professional event services no matter the event size - Contact us today and speak to us about your next event!


The reason we are able to provide the services we do is because of our experience collectively. On a daily basis, we strive to provide quality work & customer satisfaction always.

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Our team

Have you not had the chance to meet us yet? Now you can. While our company employs between 15-25 employees (and a few great interns!), get to know the core group.

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The LUTN crew here is passionate about what we do and our unparalleled enthusiasm helps create the fun, creative culture that is LUTN and the services that we offer.

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Here at Light Up The Night we believe that our company is more than just a business, it's a family. Like any family we are a tight-knit group of individuals each with a personality, full of ideas and a passion for entertainment.

The team
Alex Duen
Manager/ Entertainer
Brad Cohen
Managing Partner
Brandon Koek
Production Manager
David Stauber
Executive Sales Directer
Eduardo Aguilar
Creative Director
Eli Goldshtein
Managing Partner
Isaac Benharoche
Managing Partner
Kenn Matthews
Electrical Director
Roei Lieber
Director of Marketing
Troy Cabrera
Managing Partner

Events. Entertainment. Production. We host events, help produce events, and provide entertainment during events. Join us at our next LUTN-involved event!

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