When hosting an event of any size, capturing and captivating your audience’s attention is the goal. For instance, successful music festivals have a few essentials to keep the audience craving more. From gourmet food vendors and roaming entertainers, while stages are the most important. Music festivals held on custom designed stages are the most successful. This is where event production companies come in handy! These stages are custom designed with the plan to capture and hold the audience’s attention, while keeping them entertained. From globally known events such as Woodstock, to Coachella and Electric Daisy Carnival, the designs, concepts, and intricacy of festival stages have evolved. In the short span of 40 years, the use of pyrotechnics and fog machines venue stages have come a long way since Woodstock’s conception.

Regardless of the special effects added, a good venue, festival or concert needs a mind blowing stage. A great stage will compliment a great artist and help with returning customers for ticket sales. In order to capture and hold that attention, rendering a creative and imaginative custom stage to reality is a must. Custom fabrication of DJ facades and stages are vital to the success of both the music festival and the artists themselves. These custom builds add that extra element of sensation and stimulation to the audience, causing them to want more. Event service professionals with the necessary expertise can help design special effects for your venue.

Our design team at Light Up the Night has produced captivating stages that bring an artists music to life! Stage effects such as LED lighting and visual effects can spice up the atmosphere at any music festival or night life event. Less is not more when it comes to custom fabrications, our attention to detail and added flare is necessary when you’re trying to convey a message, or hold someone’s attention. Every idea deserves the chance to come to life, and rendering ideas to a reality is our specialty. Light Up the Night has successfully produced large scale custom stages to smaller dj facades and booths for any event. Find out how you can Light Up the Night at your next wedding, festival or corporate event today!

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