Adding the WOW Factor to your Event

The difference between an ordinary event and an extraordinary one comes down to the details. At Light Up The Night, we believe a great stage design and effects are the key elements responsible for inspiring and wowing the people who attend, most importantly for creating a memorable experience. Through our years of experience and expertise…

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Spookiest Corporate Party Ever!

It’s October 31st, Jaclyn had just left work to go home and change for tonight’s corporate party. Feelings of happiness, excitement, and fear all rush through her veins. Happiness to her heart, excitement to her nerves and fear to her head. But this fear wasn’t of being scared, this fear was of how boring this…

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The Magic of Special Effects

“Wow! How on earth did they do that?” The use of special and visual effects create that feeling of wonder and excitement. Modern-day cinema, theater and especially event production rely on these essential elements. Adding special and visual effects to an event gets the audience engaged and craving more. This sensation will leave them remembering your…

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3D Project your next event

The event production industry has been forever changed with the creation of 3D Projection Mapping. Modern technology now allows projection mapping to transform a plain surface from the side of a building, or inside of a convention center, into a wall of amazement.  But what is 3D Projection Mapping? 3D Projection Mapping is the projection…

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Ambiance, and the right Color for your Event

You know that warm, fuzzy feeling while being captivated by the colors of a sunset, or those dull and depressing emotions while walking down the street during the darker seasons of the year? Well warm colors such as red, yellow and orange invoke excitement and attract your attention, whereas lack of colors can induce a…

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Keeping Eyes on the Prize

When hosting an event of any size, capturing and captivating your audience’s attention is the goal. For instance, successful music festivals have a few essentials to keep the audience craving more. From gourmet food vendors and roaming entertainers, while stages are the most important. Music festivals held on custom designed stages are the most successful.…

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The Importance of Sound Quality

By Stephanie Meadows Over 30 years ago, French composer Pierre Schaeffer said a profound statement, “Sound is the vocabulary of nature.” This rings true because sound can evoke emotion, as well as, tell us about character, place, and time. Sound informs and moves us in ways visuals on a stage or a screen can’t. In…

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uplighting at an event


By Stephanie Meadows According to Merriam-Webster, lighting (Noun) is defined as “The natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible.” At Light Up The Night (LUTN), hence our name, we specialize in using lighting as an art form of sorts to brighten up a room to make it stand out. In other words, we…

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girls at a Masquerade party


We are under 60 days from New Year’s and most likely you’re already starting to think about work holiday parties. According to one study, about 90% of companies throw a holiday party for their employees. It’s yet another way many companies show their appreciation for — and retain — their employees. As South Florida’s most…

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