What is a nightclub, or a bar without a crowd?

Just another empty space. But here at Light Up The Night, we know they are so much more than just spaces. They are opportunities, they are income, and they are a venue for other parties. Want your potential guests and clients to see this, let us help you bring your ideas to life with our expert décor, lighting, staging and entertainment. We can do custom LED installations, props and backgrounds, add different special FX and build you a stage as large as music festivals. We have experience in new business branding, marketing and PR so we understand what it takes to make your venue space unique. Have a special request or idea but can’t find anything similar, we can make a 3D rendering or design and then turn that into a reality.

Just looking for new entertainment to feature at your next big nightlife event? We have dancers, musicians, DJ’s and our LED robots to name a few entertainers. They will bring your club, lounge or bar to life and are interactive with your crowd providing for a fun time for every guests and client. With previous experience in South Florida’s hottest nightclubs and hotels, we promise we will not disappoint.

Dj & MC

Do you need a Dj & MC to hype up the party with good music, great personality, and years of experience in Bar and Bat Mitzvah entertainment. Look no further than our Dj’s for Bar & Bat Mitzvah to make sure your night will be memorable.



Have an idea that you dreamed about for the past 12 or 13 years? Let us make that dream come true! You want BIG, Cool and Custom Props? Let us design and build something like you see in Hollywood. We have years of experience and the reputation to build amazing custom Props and Production.

LED Lighting

Every Bar and Bat Mitzvah has something that makes them stand out, entertaining and not those boring traditional mitzvahs. Our something is called Event Entertainment and consists lots of Lights and Music. LED Robots and LED Dancers, along with our LED Drummer, we get the party up and going all night long!