Event Lighting

Event LightingWe Use Top Industry Event LED Lighting As you can tell by our name, Light Up The Night, lighting is our specialty. From our LED Robots to event LED lighting, we know what it takes to get an event lit. Without lighting, a room is just a room, but with LED lighting, it’s turned…

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event confetti special effects

Confetti for Events

Image a confetti cannon filled with so much confetti, your guests will start doing snow angels, scattered around the venue throwing confetti at each other. This is what our confetti feels like and why guests love having confetti at every event. For the perfect countdown, celebration, or concert, Light Up The Night confetti cannons offer…

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LED Bars

Custom LED Bars by Light Up The Night – LED lights sync wireless to computer and controlled to any sequence programmed – creating cool visuals to make sure to light up the night and get the party #LIT

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